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Fly Screen Repairs in Palmerston

Fly screens are a necessity here in Darwin. They are there to protect us from all the little nasties that like to get into our homes. Screens age quite badly and not only do they hole quite easily thus not achieving their purpose.

The aluminium wire turns white and over a period of time becomes powdery and deteriorates quite badly and your very touch will make them fall apart.

People put off replacing or repairing their screens not realising how cheap it is to replace them.

New wire not only protects you as they should but it can also give your house a facelift whether you are renovating or preparing for selling. Fly screens in Darwin should be treated as an integral part of your home.

The price of repairing or replacing them is not as expensive as you think so why don't you call me the Flyscreen Doctor (NT) for a Free No Obligation Quote.

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